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The components of the strategy to finally take the fight against climate change seriously are simple in themselves. However, that doesn’t mean that the world’s governments and stakeholders want to use them.
So that the strategy can be applied, it is imperative to recognize a few things, to be ready to work together across all borders, to completely redefine all administrative processes, to digitally network the whole world and then leave it to its own devices.
It takes a certain amount of imagination and a good dose of political will. If you have both, the rest is no problem either.

  • Globalise
  • Standardise
  • Digitalise
  • Decentralise


It is time to recognize that climate change is caused by our system of capitalist – consumer-oriented globalization. Therefore, the only solution to successfully tackling climate change can only be for all of humanity to understand climate change as a global phenomenon.
This clearly communicates that we all live in the same boat or on the same planet, i.e. in the same world.
As a result, measures must be developed that can be applied globally.


Technology and knowledge for the implementation of effective measures against climate change with key technologies must be made freely accessible to everyone, regardless of copyrights and authorship.
It must be legally binding and it must be clear to everyone involved that the joint plan to combat climate change must be adhered to. There must be absolutely no cherry-picking.


The fight against climate change needs standards. It must be clear to all people, companies and authorities worldwide which measures are appropriate and for which effects of climate change can be used. In addition, standards for distributed ledger technologies must be developed that make it possible to network the world with one another in the first place. Sensors, measurement data acquisition and evaluation must correspond to a generally applicable standard.
Standards have to be developed for the collection of the global digital greenhouse gas emission tax as well as for the global digital climate currency. There must be recycling standards for all types of waste, as well as for the lifespan of engine types, energy generation mechanisms energy storage systems, etc.


In a world that takes the fight against climate change seriously, solutions adapted to the challenges of global climate change, measurement data acquisition, communication and information exchange via distributed ledger technologies must function digitally in real-time.
A global information network must be created in which individuals have control over their data and all data required to combat climate change can be made available at any time from any device on the Internet of Things.
Artificial intelligence should be included in the design phase. The establishment of the administrative services necessary to combat climate change on a global, regional and local level requires precise specifications so that the flow of data is efficient and all the necessary information actually arrives.
This is the only way to develop the most automated and lean administration possible on a global level, geared towards the goal of coordinating the fight against climate change.


The fight against climate change is a global, joint, but also decentralized fight.
The responsibility to fight climate change rests with each of us.
We are all part of families, groups, communities, cities, countries, regions and ultimately the world community.
It is therefore important that we work together to create global standards and the necessary digital infrastructure to combat climate change.
It is just as important to bring these agreed standards and the use of digital infrastructure home, to our regions, our countries, cities and communities, groups and families.
We will not fight climate change centrally, but locally in the regions, so we have to be ready to decentralize our structures.

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