Climate Crisis Series

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

In this blog series, I asked people with specific expertise in their respective fields to write articles for me based on the questions I formulated. This resulted in short summaries and blog articles about what we have to understand as problematic in the area of climate, what we can expect from future climate development, what solutions there are in different areas and what we may have to do about it.

In most cases, it would be enough if we not only demand changes but also initiate them. This applies to politicians and lobby groups, fossil and green alike, as well as to all of us. The people of this planet do not want to give up anything that drives climate change, even if, because of this refusal, nature and climate change force them to give up their homes, safe homes, health and economic prosperity.
It is up to us.

The responsibility for the content lies with me. You will not find any other name.

Hans Mund

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