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The threats that climate change poses for mankind but also for all life on this planet are more real today than ever. To warn against these is not alarmism, but sensible.

Deforestation not only turns large forests from important CO2 sinks into CO2 emitters, but it also changes the global water cycle and leads to permanent drought and desertification.

The water that the forest floors store evaporates and changes the humidity of the air.

The greenhouse gases produced by combustion collect in the atmosphere and prevent excess heat from leaving the atmosphere.

As a result, the soils and oceans continue to warm.

Due to the constant warming of the soil, which lacks trees and moisture, the atmosphere warms up again. A warm atmosphere can store more water than a cool one, and huge amounts of water accumulate in the air all over the planet. But at some point, all the water rains down, as a result of which there is flooding in places far away from where the deforestation took place.

The planet earth is a sensitive system, the balance of which decides whether and how life is possible. Disturbing this balance has consequences, ignoring these consequences is foolish, warning against them is the first duty.

It is important to know:
If the politicians and the money managers of this world do not start to act immediately, everyone who dies as a result of climate change events will be credited to these politicians and lobbyists in the future.

Then you will all find that there is nothing left to maintain or invest in.

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